We are a Café and Bakery operated by a non-profit, Ability 2 Work.

Who We Are
Who We Are
Most of us are Volunteers who support Ability 2 Work's mission of training and employing the developmentally disabled. Each time you enjoy our wonderful cuisine you are supporting Ability2Work and eating for a cause. THANK YOU!
Baker's Treat Specialty Cakes can be made for any occasion in any shape or size with any detail---the sky is the limit! Surprise someone with their favorite hobby, sport, family photo or business logo themed cake. Whether for fun, business or ceremonial, we are prepared to make your cake the centerpiece for your party or event! If you can imagine it, Baker’s Treat can make it!

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We aren't only a bakery! We do cook to order too! We also provide beautiful and delicious catering for everything and anything from weddings, parties, all the way to business meetings. Call and inquire today about our seasonal offerings!

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home_smallAbility2Work is the non-profit that operates Baker’s Treat. 100% of the proceeds from Baker’s Treat support the differently-abled in job sampling, training and employment. We believe in everyone’s right to thrive, and be allowed to be contributing members of their community. Ability 2 Work focuses on what someone can do!

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Live Music! August, 12pm-3pm

Great food, live music, cool cause! Come grab a coffee and croissant and enjoy these talented artists!

Featuring: 1st: Thomas Johnston, 8th: JT Rooney, 9th: Cafe Mocha, 15th: Thomas Johnston, 16th Andrea Yanulevich, 23rd: Thomas Johnston, 29th: Al Grigg

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